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foods bad for liver and hepatitis C

Foods to Avoid with Hep C

There are quite a few foods to avoid with hep C, there are more to know that help your hep C.

(At the end of this article you will find a list of best foods for hepatitis C treatment)

Your liver is essentially a chemical processing plant, designed to eliminate toxins from your body.

Its primary job is to filter the blood from your digestive system.

So, make it easy on your liver while you go through this healing process.

If you have cirrhosis of the liver, it is more important than ever to avoid salty foods – this includes fast foods.

Try to consume high protein and high caloric (good calories) foods.

Your may feel weak and not have much of an appetite, but its important to nourish your body during this healing process.

Felling tired from hepatitis C, here are some tips to deal with fatigue, read more.


foods bad for liver

Healthy food for your liver: Hepatitis C

Lets follow a healthy Hep C diet

Like most healthy diets, try to eat lots of green leafy vegetables (spinach), oatmeal (lots of fiber) and broccoli.

Coffee and hep C is okay, 2 to 3 cups can help the recovery of your damaged liver.

Green tea is also good.

Stay away from sugar, try blueberries or cranberries instead.

Enjoy almonds for a snack.

If you like a little spice go for some curry powder, cumin and cinnamon.

Sprinkle a little sage, oregano or rosemary on your meal instead of salt.


hepatitis c and drinking coffee

Coffee and Hepatitis C

In regards to coffee and hepatitis C, its seems its okay overall. 

Just don’t over do it, like having 4 to 10 cups of strong coffee.

Try to eat 4 to 7 small meals a day,  make sure you are getting your calories and strength to fight of the virus.

You will be out of the woods soon enough, just hang in there.

How to keep your liver healthy in the mean time.

In the mean time, see a list of some of the foods, medicines, herbs, vitamins and supplements you should try to avoid while going through treatment.


What Foods to avoid for Hep C?

1. Do not drink alcohol (it can speed up damage to your liver cells)
2. Do not use illegal drugs (your liver has to work harder to repair itself)
3. Do not smoke (again your liver has to work hard to remove toxins from smoke)


What medicine to avoid for Hep C?

4. Tranquilizers and sleeping pills
5. Nonsteroidal anti-flammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
6. Acetaminophen (Tylenol)


What herbs and herbal products to avoid for Hep C?

7. Kava
8. Margosa oil
9. Mistletoe
10. Pennyroyal or squaw mint oil
11. Germander
12. Jin Bu Huan
13. Skullcap
14. Chaparral
15. Yohimbe
16. Comfrey, mate and gordolobo yerba teas


What vitamins and supplements to avoid for Hep C?

17. Weight loss products
18. Wieght loss supplements
19. Iron vitamin large doses
20. Vitamin A large doses
21. Vitamin D large doses
22. Vitamin E large doses
23. Vitamin K large doses


What foods to avoid with Hep C?

24. Shellfish
25. Raw oysters
26. Foods with high fat content
27. Foods with high sugar content
28. Foods with high salt content

Even eating a proper diet when your taking hepatitis C treatment like Harvoni, Sovaldi or Epclusa, its real important to stay positive.

Mental fog and depression can creep in.

If you exercise and avoid foods bad for liver hep C, you will live a long and healthy life after your HCV complete treatment.


Best Foods for Hepatitis C Treatment

We have exhausted the list of 28 foods bad for hep C.

Let’s focus on the best foods for hepatitis C treatment.

Having good nutrition is important in our daily lives.

Its more important when you are fighting the hepatitis C virus.

As you go through the hepatitis C treatment process, you may experience side effects.

This is normal.

And your body (and mind) should be in good form.

That’s where the good nutrition comes in.

Best foods for hepatitis C treatment are the following:

Nutrient rich fruits and vegetables:

1. Bananas (potassium & B6)
2. Apples (vitamin A)
3. Broccoli (fiber & folate)
4. Asparagus (folate)
5. Oranges (vitamin C & B6)
6. Dark leafy greens (B6)
7. Cantaloupes (B6)
8. Chick peas (B6)
9. Fortified cereals (B6)
10. Beets (folate)
11. Nuts & seed (folate)
12. Avocado (folate)

Eat foods that have lot of fiber, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, folate.

This will help your liver rebuild and recover faster.

Hepatitis C virus infection can wreak havoc on your liver.

So, its important to provide your liver the best foods during hepatitis C treatment.

Protein rich foods that will help your liver during the treatment process are:

13. Seafood
14. Eggs
15. Fish
16. Chicken
17. Soy products (tofu)

Stay away from beef, pork and other red meats.


Add a little diary products like:

18. Milk
19. Yogurt
20. Cheese

Dairy has always been a good source of protein.

Whole grains should be incorporated in your hep C diet.

21. Whole oats
22. Brown rice
23. Wild rice
24. Whole grain pastas like quinoa, wheat and buckwheat

Eating whole grains help reduce cardiovascular disease and help with bowel movement.

In addition to having fiber, whole grains have zinc, iron, magnesium and B vitamins.

Lastly, its important to be well hydrated with plenty of water during the HCV treatment process.

Try drinking green tea, it has shown to be very beneficial in several studies.

If you like coffee and caffeine, its okay to consume in moderate amounts.

Just don’t over do it.

These are just some of the best foods for hepatitis C treatment.

Use your common sense and good judgement during this healing process.

Your liver will be clear of the hepatitis C infection very soon.


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