Hepatitis C Treatment

Are you looking for affordable medicine?

If so, read on.

You or someone you care about will definitely benefit from this website.

We have been working very hard for the past 6 years to provide access to affordable hepatitis C treatment for patients all around the world.

A little background on who we are.

We are Americans that were not able to afford Harvoni, Epclusa, Sovaldi & Daklinza and other medicine to treat hep C.

We were denied by insurance over and over again.

We didn’t have the $94,500 for a 12 week treatment of Harvoni.

Or 84,000 for 84 tablets of Sovaldi.

($1,000 for each tablet)

We didn’t want to die, when we knew there were options.

So, we took a big leap of faith and decided to go to the source for authorized and licensed hepatitis C treatments.

We went to India!

Yes, it was a big decision back then.

We could not tell the world what we were doing.

All we wanted to do was to save ourselves and our loved ones from dying from this horrible disease.

Once we found the original and licensed Gilead hep C treatments, we were elated.

Now, we had to go back to the US and start treatment.

The next 12 weeks were stressful.

Is this medicine going to work?

Was it genuine?

Am I going to die?

All these and other thoughts were going through my head.

Some of us started feeling a lot better in the first two weeks. 

It was remarkable how these hep C meds worked so fast.

There were some side effects like a little bit of brain fog and constipation.

None of it lasted long, just a few days at most.

After finishing our treatment, it was time for the HCV test.

All of us cleared the virus, except one person (you can read the story here).

Our doctors couldn’t believe it.

They had no idea that hep C treatments from India would even work.

We are all jaded from the news and media in general, if its not for Americans, then it must be fake or inferior in quality.

I have to admit, I was in this camp too for a long time, in some ways I still am.

But, because this is our company and our brand, I stand 110% behind what we do.

Hepatitis C is a killer.

The meds to treat it are outrageous and not affordable, unless you’re a millionaire.

We make it affordable to get access to this life saving medicine.

Why would you not want to clear it?

One thing for sure, you will feel a lot better and your liver will thank you for it.

Ge the medicine and get cured.

*Sunny Pharma is a licensed pharmacy that is funded and supported  by American families.